Bonnie + JP

charleston wedding creek club at i'on

Charleston was at its best for these two rock-n-roll lovers. Good people, great food, funky dancing and all that golden hour light, what more could you want?!

Javi + Victor


Two loving Cuban families + the best mini guava cupcakes to grace this green earth + some flippin’ wild dance moves. Perfection.

Iain + Leanne

Scotland Australian NYC adventurous elopement

What’s a Scottish couple living in Australia to do for their wedding?! Plan an epic destination wedding in NYC, of course!


Taylor Lauren Barker - Charleston wedding photographer

Hiya! I’m Taylor + I’m a hopeful romantic.

I’m hopeful about a lot of things actually. For instance, I’m hopeful that one day I’ll get to be on an episode of Impractical Jokers, and that I’ll find the perfect fixer-upper to go all Joanna Gaines on, and that someday I’ll be cool enough to give a TED talk. But mostly I’m hopeful that you’re here to find more than just a photographer, that you’re here to connect with a friend who’s gonna help you relive every romantic, joyful, love-filled second of your wedding day and then some!


“Taylor is amazing!! My husband and I both hate having our photos taken, and she made it so much fun, that I didn’t feel annoyed or anxious even once that day! Taylor made me feel like a model, and her energy while shooting kept it light and exciting. I am so in love with the photos we’ve seen so far, and cannot wait to see the rest :) Thank you so much for capturing our amazing wedding day, and giving us the chance to feel like rockstars for the day!” -Bonnie


Let’s rock. Let’s roll. Let’s party.