Summer 2015 Excitement

Hey there! Today I'm so excited to share that this summer I'll be joining Kamila Harris Photography. I've long admired Kamila's candid and whimsical approach to wedding photography so it's a huge honor to be in the position to learn and grow with such an awesome and talented mentor.

I reached out to Kamila the same way I reached out to Michael Justin Films, and again my upfront approach proved successful. We video chatted a few weeks after our initial conversations, discussing my experience, her expectations and a little about our lives and love of visual storytelling.

I'll be helping her manage the studio and provide supplementary support during some events. After our emails and our short but sweet video chat, I am so excited to work with her this summer. I can't wait to post updates from all my wedding adventures this summer, so be sure to stay tuned. In the meantime, check out Kamila's amazing work!