photo by Lindsay Weber

photo by Lindsay Weber


Here’s the deal.

You’re a walking, living, breathing story that deserves to be told, and told beautifully. And I, well, I was put on this earth to be a storyteller. But there’s also a lot more to my story. 

Like the fact that I LOVE chicken + waffles, or that I lived in Spain after college, or that I get a little…okay…a lot too competitive about charades.

There’s also the whole I really, really believe you deserve more than just a photographer thing.

Being a wedding photographer is about so much more than delivering beautiful photos. It’s about making sure you can relive every single glorious moment of the event you’ve poured your heart and soul into. It’s about being there to help the boys with those boutineers that nobody knows how to pin correctly (except for this one-pin-wonder right here), and knowing all the tricks to steam the heck outta a bride’s babe dress (pro tip: use bottled water in the steamer!).

You deserve someone who’s not gonna flinch at holding up a gigantic Cinderella ball gown so the bride can pee for the first time in 18 hours, or at receiving a frantic call that you need a Ludlow suit pant, size 32, navy, because the groom forgot his three states away (this actually happened).

Not every photographer wants to be the best of friends with you, but I ABSOLUTELY do. And there’s a really good reason for it.

The more we connect and invest in each other, the more we adore and trust each other, the better able I am to provide you and every single person you love most in the world with the most spectacular experience of their dang lives.

Most importantly, knowing you really well allows me to capture what makes you + your story remarkable.

And that, is what I’m really all about.

You Are What You Love

a few things near and dear to my heart

Do you also love chicken + waffles and believe you deserve more than just a photographer? Then let’s be best friends.