I may not have the answer to all of life’s questions but here’s what I can tell ya…

Q: We really love YOU, Tay. Will you be the one capturing our wedding or session?

A: No doubt about it. For weddings, I typically work with assistants or associates, but I’ll always be there to lead as the primary shooter.

For your couple’s session or family shoot I’ll definitely be the only one behind the lens!

Q: How long have you been in the biz?

A: Well, I’ve been a storyteller all my life, but I started really pursuing photography during my senior year of high school. After a life-changing visit to the Newseum in D.C. I decided to study photojournalism at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University. My first wedding gig was with Michael Justin Studios (Michael Justin Films back then) in 2013 and I’ve been hooked since! I put my time in with a handful of major NYC-based studios learning and shooting as much as I could before I ventured out on my own. After this season I’ll have 150+ weddings under my belt and more family sessions that I can count!

Q: Can we see a full gallery?

A: Totally! If you haven’t gotten in touch already, get after it! Be sure to tell me all about your day so I can share similar weddings with ya. You should also check out the blog, which an awesome showcase of a ton of super awesome love parties and love sessions I’ve captured before!

Q: We’re planning to elope on a beach in Bali, do you travel?

A: Do I live and breathe and love chicken + waffles???!!! Abso-freakin-lutely, I travel. In fact, I’m built for travel. I’m short, 5’2’’, so I never have to worry about needing extra leg room and I can truly sleep anywhere at anytime. In fact, I’m currently working towards photographing a wedding in every state and I’m offering fun incentives to couples who bring me along to places I’ve never been!

Q: So, we love you more than mac LOVES cheese but our parents are helping us pay for things and they have some questions. What should we do?

A: Fantastic! I’m great with parents. In fact, I’m so great with parents that I’m better friends with my ex’s parents than I am with him! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But seriously, I totally get it. Feel free to give them my number or email and I can handle things from there. We can also have a group FaceTime date, or meet for coffee - whatever helps assure them that you’re making the right decision!

Q: You’re amazing and we’re ready to book right now, what’re the next steps?

A: First of all, staahhpppp! (But thank you!) You’re pretty amazin’ too. Second, after we’ve figured out the details of exactly what coverage is right for you I’ll send along a contract and invoice. This all happens digitally. Along with your signed contract, a $1,500 retainer to secure your wedding date, or $150 to secure your other type of love sesh. After that, we’re in business!

Q: Wait. What happens if something happens to you or your gear before our wedding?!?!

A: In the super duper unlikely event that something catastrophically awful happens to me you do NOT have to worry. Every assistant and associate I welcome onto my team is 100000000% qualified and prepared to step into my shoes, and I have systems in place that make all this really seamless for everyone.

As far as gear, I always have a back-up and a back-up for my back-up and usually a back-up for my back-up’s back-up. You can never be too careful!

Q: AHHHH!! We had such an incredible time and we can’t wait to see our PICTURESSSSS! When will we get to see everything?

A: Yes. Such a good question. Within a few days I’ll have a collection of sneak peeks to share with ya. The rest will arrive, after lots of tender curation, around eight weeks post-wedding, or four weeks after your couple’s or family session. I really, really care about every single frame you get back and that process a little bit’a time. If you have deadlines or thank-yous you’d like get sent out we can absolutely discuss your options, but otherwise you can expect to have your finally gallery around your two month-iversary!

Q: How many pictures are we going to receive?

A: You’re going to end up with more photos than you’ll ever know what to do with!

Q: Do we have rights to the images?

A: Personal printing rights? Heck yes! Just for the love all that is holy, please don’t print your wedding pictures at the drugstore. CVS is great for dry shampoo but not so great for your forever memories. I’ll always retain the copyright to the images.

Q: Are you going to share our photos?

A: Uhhh, I’m definitely gonna share the heck outta your photos! They’re gonna kick-butt! I’ll share on Instagram, Facebook, and in a post on my blog. About two weeks after I send your images to ya I’ll send them to all the other vendors that worked super hard to create an incredible event for you. I want them to be able to celebrate you + their hard work too! If you’re conscious about privacy we should talk about what you’re comfortable with. You’re always my priority.

Q: What about liability insurance, our venue keeps asking about it?

A: Totally, and it’s pretty standard for venues to require to be named on my policy. This is a super easy form that I request through my insurance company. It can be ready and to the venue within 48 hours.

Q: We love our pictures SO much we want to make an album, do you do that?

A: Yes, yep, and heck yeah!! Prints and albums are my peanut butter AND jelly. They’re what I desperately hope you turn your photos into. In fact, you actually receive your images via digital gallery through my print shop!

If you’ve purchased an album along with the rest of your coverage we’ll hit the ground running with a design right after you receive your images. If you’ve chosen to wait, you can let me know whenever you’re ready to rock and we’ll get rollin’ on creating an incredible heirloom for y’all.

Q: What’s the deal with taxes?

A: I know it’s frustrating (why can’t we just have errything included like we’re European?!) but I am required, by law, to charge sales tax on any physical goods. That tax will be determined by where the goods are being shipped to.

Still have questions?