It’s no secret that choosing a photographer is a big deal and a serious investment…

But before we talk money, honey, I need you to know that I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that you, and all of the people you love most, have the time of your stinkin’ lives AND that you can relive every ugly-cry-it’s-so-good moment of it all.

My goal is to love y’all so well that I leave with an invite to Thanksgiving dinner, whereupon you whip out your sexy, custom, thirty-page, fine-art finished, leather heirloom album to reminisce about how it was all so. worth. it. You spouse and your photos, afterall, are all that remain long after your big day has been celebrated.

Now that you know how invested I am in you, the next step to figuring out the whole moolah situation is to get in touch. I create a custom quote for every. single. couple - no cookie-cutter business here.

You should only be investing in what’s most important to you - and not what anyone else thinks should be important.

In the interest of being as transparent and helpful as possible, I’ve listed some starting prices below, but keep in mind that I’m happy to offer off-season, weekday, and new location incentives.

So, get in touch already, will ya, and let me work my magic!

intimate elopements begin at $1000
just you + your boo
90 minutes with TayTay

wedding photography begins at $2300
you + your boo + all your nearest & dearest
six hours with Tayliña

a couple session begins at $650
you + your boo
one hour with TaylsB

mini-sessions $350
charleston, sc | weekdays only
20 minutes

100% of the time you’ll walk away with 100% of your images

I want to thank you with all my heart for the photos that you took on our wedding day. We are so happy with them they are all fantastic...
— Iain, groom
I cannot believe you worked so quickly for us. You were our dream photographer and the best decision we made...From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU TAYLOR
— Emma, bride