FRIENDOR LOVE FRI-YAY | Brittany Anne's Handcrafted Event Rentals | West Virginia Weddings

Happy Wedding Wednesday, folks! I'm excited to be back in bloggin' action with a fun interview from my friends, Brittany Anne & Brittany Anne, of Brittany Anne's Handcrafted Event Rentals!

I was connected to these fabulous wedding pros through a mutual friend and have found such kind encouragement in them. They have been so supportive of my goal to book a wedding in every state and have graciously used their social media platform to get the word out about me. How awesome is that?! If you're getting married in WV, PA or OH you do not want to miss the chance to work with the Brittanys!

>> What's your story? 
Brittany Anne's Handcrafted Event Rentals started from two best friends who both happened to be named "Brittany Anne" and who love weddings! We both handcrafted items for our own weddings and saw a real need in our communities for these items for others brides. The moment we realized this, we started to work hard to build our inventory to the beautiful pieces we have today!

>> Describe your ideal client in three words. 
Fun, enthusiastic, and reliable.

>> The greatest part about working in the love party industry? 
The greatest part about working in the love party industry is the "love." We get so excited working with brides who have such love and excitement in their eyes. Having both been brides, we know the emotions and feelings you go through when planning a wedding. We love being able to help brides achieve their dream wedding and making their already big smiles a little bigger!

>> Best piece of business advice you've ever received? 
The best piece of business advice we have ever received is to make sure you have a good circle of support. Referrals in this business are huge and you want to make friends versus enemies in this industry. 

>>That one song that never fails to get you out on the dance floor?
For Brittany Anne #1 it is Whitney Houston "Dance with Somebody." For Brittany Anne #2, "This Is How We Do It."

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