Darling Family Session on the Wando River at Sunset | Charleston Family Photographer

Do I have a story for you!

Picture this: It’s a thunderstorming July day and I had just left a six-month check-up at the car dealership. Not two minutes after pulling out and making my way down the road, my tire light illuminates -_-

Those who know me know I have a notorious record with my car - especially my tires, I was also scheduled to embark on a ten hour road trip the next day, so I was particularly annoyed.

After a few choice exclamations I made my way to Gerald’s Tires & Breaks in Mount Pleasant. When I learned it would be about two hours I sat my grouchy self in the corner and figured I’d get some work done.

A few minutes later a sweet woman with her adorable baby girl came over and asked if she could use the more private corner in which I had set up to nurse her baby. Of course I obliged and after they were done that sweet mama and I got to chatting. It turned out that we have a mutual friend and even sent her a selfie!

We got to know each other while her tires got worked on and I even got to hold that sweet bouncing baby. Now, six months later I have sweet new friends, two adorable babies to love on, and another darling family whose memories I get to capture!

Life’s a ride, I’ll tell ya!

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