Your Wedding: Unplugged

I recently received a very common question from a bride and figured now is as good a time as any to officially share my opinion about going "unplugged."

My preference is always an unplugged wedding ceremony, and I think that the photos below doing a good job in demonstrating why. 


If you're at the beginning stages of planning, I'd encourage you to add a small note to the information card of your invitation suite explaining why an unplugged wedding ceremony is important to you. You can also add this to an RSVP webpage. 

If you're getting close to your big day and have already sent out your invitations, you might be interested in one of these awesome signs we found on Etsy. I absolutely love signs like these, especially ones that direct your guests to us for sneak peeks! 

And if it's a bit later on in the game, we love when officiants take a moment before your ceremony gets underway to personally address your friends and family. 

Of course, you could be real go-getters and do all three!

Having an unplugged ceremony isn't just for my benefit. My team and I are professionals who are going to get gorgeous images of your ceremony no matter what you decide. The real reason I like to see a ceremony go unplugged is so that your guests are truly present as this enormously important moment unfolds. Your loved ones will have plenty of time to take photos during the reception and I promise to share a bunch of highlights. 

In the end, I want this decision to be like every other wedding decision you make - what's best for you!