“I'm not sure how to put in words how phenomenal of a wedding photographer Taylor was! I had followed Taylor on social media and LOVED her journalist style and her knack to catch those perfect candid moments that really sum up emotions so much better than a staged photograph. So when my husband and I got engaged she was the first vendor I contacted and I've been referring to her as my wedding fairy godmother ever since!” -Marissa, bride + friend

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“Thank you again for being SO wonderful pre wedding as well as on the day. You were such a force of calm and fun throughout, it was such a pleasure.” -Katie, bride + friend


"Taylor these are so fricken awesome...I have NEVER gotten pictures this quickly from someone...like EVER. You were such a joy to work with." -Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom + friend

Dana Malstaff and the Boss Mom team

"Taylor has taken maternity, newborn, and holiday photos for us. They are always beautiful! She is super flexible, accommodating, fun, and just lovely to work with! My kids have such fun taking photos with her... and that means big, silly, joyful smiles in our pictures!" -Margaret, mama + friend 


"I remember the exact moment at the Friday evening rehearsal when you walked over to me and introduced yourself. Having never met, I was stuck by your cheerfulness, kindness and grace. You felt like a family member immediately and I knew why Emily and Ethan had hoped you could be their wedding photographer. You were not just shooting another event; you were serving friends and family and treated us like that throughout the weekend. I’ve been told by others that they never “saw” a photographer at the wedding. I think that is because you were so gracious and graceful and part of the gathering. Few people can do that well…THEN… I saw the wedding portfolio and became aware of your skills and want to thank you for capturing precious moments I never saw that day and moments I will be able to savor for years. Your work is lovely. I believe your photos reflect what your heart sees. God has placed vision and beauty in your heart and we have been blessed by it and you." -Arlene Thompson, mother of the bride + friend