...and my heart beats to the tune of a good love story.

I think that the love's in the details.
I believe that you matter and that your story does too.

thanks, Kamila (friend & mentor) for this photo

thanks, Kamila (friend & mentor) for this photo



When I’m not telling other people’s stories there’s a good chance you'll find me discussing my dreams of an Impractical Jokers themed surprise birthday party, getting overly competitive at charades, or planning my next adventure. 

I grew up in New York and currently call Charleston, South Carolina home. I’m a proud Syracuse Orange, SkyMiles hoarder, definitely Brené Brown’s biggest fan, and I don’t believe you’ve truly lived until you’ve had a guava pastry from the Tropical Bakery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

My 2018 travel plans include the following destinations: Asheville, New York City, The Netherlands, Spain, Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Utah, California, and Montauk.


a few things near and dear to my heart